Digitization Benefits

What are the Benefits of Digitizing 5S Auditing?

By Andy Pritchard | November 9, 2022 | 2 minute read.

Positive momentum, employee buy-in, and ease of use are all very important factors when determining if your new 5S program will be successful.

Complicated manual audit forms, data entry, hard to read paper forms that are messy or incomplete, and complicated spreadsheets can doom your new 5S program to failure. Fortunately, Industry 4.0 and digitization provide us with many new tools to help make the implementation and execution of lean initiatives like 5S much easier.

With Weever your digital 5S audit forms can start for a little as $199 per month - including an insightful dashboard to make analyzing your results as simple as opening a web browser. Here are a few reasons to consider why working with Weever is the right choice for your plant:


Show them the way.

Give your auditors a tablet with step-by-step instructions on how to complete their 5S audits and to reduce training requirements when staff turnover. Multiple choice, dropdown menus, and conditional logic help you capture the data you need in a logical and easy-to-follow format. Forms are customizable and simple to change so they can evolve as your 5S audits do.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take a photo with your phone or tablet that automatically populates in your audit forms. Talk-to-text allows your staff to say what they mean and capture it without the hassle of typing long or complex observations. 



Reward participation.

Weever Rewards allows you to automatically reward your 5S champions with points that can be redeemed in a self-managed rewards store. Broadcast the results of your 5S wins in your plant. Everybody likes seeing their name “up in lights”!  



Automate escalation and evaluation. 

Is there a follow up item to your audit that you need to assign to another stakeholder to ensure resolution? Automatically transform 5S audit results into tickets that foster easy and transparent communication and ensure they are actioned in a timely manner. Email notifications to stakeholders let them know when they’re needed. Track closing times to ensure world-class support.


Let the software do the work.

Tallying 5S scores and entering results into spreadsheets is busywork that detracts from the productivity of your 5S committee. Over time this work may become deprioritized meaning that the data is being collected, but not analyzed. This will rob you of the opportunity to prove to your stakeholders your 5S program is having a positive impact in your plant. Software based audit forms will automatically tally scores and record results that are both intuitive and insightful.

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